Bianca’s Day in the Life: Glam Globe-Trotting


Whether I’m traveling for work, heading out of town for the weekend with friends, or going on vacation with my family, most of my habits tend to stay the same when it comes to #glamglobetrotting. Namely, those that involve my packing habits. Or, I should say, my last-minute packing habits. Besides my terrible tendency to wait until the day of to plan outfits, I’ve mastered the art of flying, busing, and training in style and comfort.

11:00 p.m. Outfit prep begins the evening before. If I’m traveling for work, I take stock of the meetings, dinners, and appointments I have scheduled to assess what professional attire I’ll need. Since I work in a creative environment, I like to blur the line between corporate and fashion-forward, mixing classic elements with trendier pops. If I’m traveling out of town for the weekend to the beach, I tend to be more lax with my packing. Throw in a few bathing suits, add a couple of dresses, cute tops, shorts, and skirts, and I’m good to go.

11:30 p.m. I get bored with packing quickly. No shocker there. Taking a moment to rest on my couch, I scroll through Instagram, liking a few photos, and making a mental note to transfer the photos off my phone and onto my computer before I leave my apartment tomorrow.

12:00 a.m. Pleased with the fact that I’ve amassed a decent pile of options, I crawl into bed and set my alarm for an hour before I need to leave my apartment. I’m less distracted in the morning and am the queen of working under pressure.

7:00 a.m. As soon as I wake up, I boil water to make coffee in my French press. Piping-hot caffeine in hand, I power through my packing, folding clothes to take up the least amount of space, stuffing socks into shoes, and maximizing space by squishing bits and pieces into crevices all over my suitcase or weekend bag.

8:00 a.m. With my rolling suitcase filled and my outfits coordinated for the days I’ll be away, I focus my attention on my second bag. I snagged an amazing piece of tan Zara luggage, which perfectly accommodates my MacBook and my new Rachel Zoe Morrison tote. This way I cheat the TSA system and actually carry on three bags instead of the prescribed two. All about working the system!

8:15 a.m. In addition to my computer, I grab my Kindle, iPad, and a neutral clutch to throw into my large handbag, which then gets stuffed into my Zara tote. I need to make sure I have multiple bag options to suit any situation I’ll find myself in—from dinner to events to days in the office. Next, I pack all my chargers together in one soft container for two reasons: organization and cleanliness. There’s nothing I hate more than a million wires at the bottom of my bags.

8:30 a.m. Regardless of the season, I always make sure to wear long pants and long sleeves when I travel. On top of the fact that I’m always cold, any form of transportation usually blasts the AC, so I’d rather think ahead than be stuck freezing for hours on end. Hudson skinny jeans keep their shape well no matter how long I’m sitting yet stretch so they’re still comfortable even on cross-country flights. I throw on an Equipment blouse, sparkly flats, and a statement necklace, and pack heels and a sweater in my bag for easy access. I’ll pull on the sweater as soon as the plane takes off and switch into my heels when I land.

9:00 a.m. Because I travel so much, I’ve bought duplicates of many of my favorite beauty products that I use on a regular basis—one in regular size and one in airline-approved mini size. That way I never have to pack or unpack my toiletry case, and I’ll never forget anything. I scan through it right before I throw it in my bag as I head out to door, adding a few new makeup favorites.

9:30 a.m. After one last mental run-through, I grab my bags and lock up my apartment. I grab a cab and indulge in a chia water from Hu Kitchen. Chia seeds are flavorless, but they’re a great source of protein and expand, which means I’ll stay full longer. Any food you find in airports or on major highways is going to be terrible for you and full of calories, so I try to stay away from it all.

11:00 a.m If I’m flying, thanks to my flats, I’m through security quickly and comfortably. I grab a large coffee inside the airport terminal along with a Kind bar. As soon as I board, I stuff my Zara tote under the seat in front of me, making sure to pull out my Kindle or the book I’m currently reading, sunglasses, Frends headphones, and Molton Brown lotion. The air on planes is super dry, so I’m constantly moisturizing my hands. If I’m taking the train or a bus, I’ll stop at my favorite local coffee shop, The Bean, since the same liquid restrictions don’t apply! While en route, I catch up on articles I’ve saved on Instapaper, fall into the narrative of my newest book, nap, and listen to music.

Bonus! Destination Tips:

  • Before I make it to the end of my journey, I pull out my makeup bag and touch up my regular beauty routine, which is pretty minimal—Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, black eyeliner, Maybelline mascara, a bit of bronzer, and a swipe of hot pink L’Oréal lipstick.
  • While I’m traveling, I like to keep up some semblance of a normal routine. Though I can’t maintain regular appointments at my current boot camp of choice in New York City, Circuit of Change, I’ll print out hotel-worthy workouts that don’t require equipment. This way, I’m not completely out of shape when I make it home.
  • Hotels tend to turn up the air conditioning really high, so as soon as I walk into my room, I make sure to adjust it to a more comfortable setting. This small move can make a huge difference when it comes to the unfortunate possibility of catching colds as you travel.
  • It’s all too easy to fall into bad eating habits when you’re traveling since you’re away from your own, presumably well-stocked refrigerator. I definitely take advantage of local cuisine no matter where I go, but simple edits like limiting the amount of carbs, fried food, and desserts I consume can help out considerably.
  • Before I go to sleep at night, I make sure to put a glass of water by my bed so I remember to start the new day by hydrating.
  • Whatever you do, don’t go near the minibar!