Bibhu Mohapatra Teaches Us the Art of Meditation


Backstage before Bibhu Mohapatra's show is noticeably calm and serene, quite unlike the vast majority of fellow designers' shows. He's cool, calm, and collected, floating amidst his Fall 2014 designs inspired by Tibet and it's landscape without a hint of stress.

“I really opened my horizons as a person,” he told “A friend of mine introduced me to his photography work that he did in Tibet and it just felt like it's a part of our world that is so beautiful and incredible. I went there visually and I wanted to make sure that I captured the real core of what people believe in and what spirituality really means.”

His Fall 2014 collection, which revolved around a very rich color palette of mustards, cardinal red, silvers, and gold was his largest yet, including 41 pieces in day wear, evening wear, and cocktail gowns. In focusing on the spiritual aspect of the culture, he focused on one aesthetic aspect in order to translate it's religious connotations. “The print I designed inspired by these robes the Tibetan people wear that look like bar codes. Each one is coded and all the tribal women wear it so you can tell what tribe they belong to. It's so sophisticated and advanced as a culture and practice.”

Though he's never visited Tibet in person, there are larger plans in place. “Hopefully I'll take this collection and shoot a film in Tibet. There's so much to learn and one collection is not enough to use as inspiration. It's a culture that's so familiar to me and there are so many cross overs. I'm planning to do an Indian inspired collection but everyone has done it so beautifully. I want to make it special when I do an Indian inspired collection so this is a lead up to that.”

While many designers are anxious to run away to vacation after showing their collections, Mohapatra seemed less than concerned about revitalization after Fashion Week, explaining his eternally calm mindset. “I really need to be in a place in my life where I feel 100% comfortable with whatever the situation is, make the most of it and look at the bright side of it. Each moment that passes is never coming back. I mediate but also every time there's a difficult situation or happy situation, I take the moment and realize whether it's good or bad that moment is going to go, it's not there forever. Putting things into perspective is key.”