Bid Goodbye to Blemishes


Few things can ruin your day like seeing a spot on your skin. As much as you may cover it up, all you want is for it to disappear! While stress and diet can be contributing factors for blemishes, a good skin-care routine is the first line of defense against acne. Take these steps to score the smooth skin you desire.


Clear skin starts with clean skin, so make sure your pores stay pure by washing your face in the morning and at night. To battle against bumps and for a fresh feeling, use a wash that contains salicylic acid to treat as you cleanse.


Regardless of your skin type, scrubbing skin a few times a week is important to promote cell turnover. Whether you use a physical or chemical exfoliator, it will remove dead cells, leading to brighter skin and fewer breakouts.


Giving skin balance is imperative; it produces more or less sebum depending on moisture levels. So even if your skin is naturally oily, slathering on a moisturizer in the evening will replenish cells and keep excessive oil at bay during the day.


Should a pimple pop up when you least expect it, zap it before it becomes a bigger problem. A spot treatment that sanitizes and soothes while it treats prevents further irritation and possible infection.