Big Changes Are Headed to New York Fashion Week


When New York Fashion Week rolls into Lincoln Center next February, ready to display designers’ Fall 2014 collection, the clothes won’t be the only thing with a new look.

“[NYFW] was becoming a zoo,” said Catherine Bennett, senior vice president and managing director at IMG Fashion Events and Properties (the company that runs Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.) “What used to be a platform for established designers to debut their collections to select media and buyers has developed into a cluttered, often cost-prohibitive and exhausting period for our industry to effectively do business.”

It isn't a secret that NYFW has been criticized in recent years for the amount of people standing around outside of Lincoln Center for no other reason that to be photographed wearing their coats stylishly draped around their shoulders. And then there was that pesky lawsuit from city residents who didn't like that bi-yearly event restricted their access to the park for part of the year.

To combat complaints, expect to see two redesigned venues at Lincoln Center, two new ones and off-site show venues that are accessible by shuttle bus, all to help eliminate scheduling conflicts. The biggest change? Tighter access, decreasing the number of invites by 20% to limit the number of people able to attend shows.

All of the changes will work together, “making invitations once again an exclusive pass for true fashion insiders,” IMG told WSJ.

The catwalk won’t be the only thing we’ll have our eye on come February; we can’t wait to see how these changes take place.