Biggest Celebrity Scandals of 2013



It's hard to believe that 2013 is almost already over! Hollywood headlines come and go, but it's the more scandalous ones that seem to capture our attention. Some celebrities, it seems, attract trouble wherever they go. So many scandals, controversies and spats happened this year that it is quite a task to come out with the most shocking. These celebrities have had some scandalous moments over the last 12 months, and we're sure they're looking forward to a fresh start in the new year.

Miley Cyrus Twerks 

This year sure belonged to pop sensation Miley Cyrus. She came as a 'Wrecking Ball'! She started with twerking with Robert Thicke at the MTV VMA 2013, and scandalised us all further by lighting up a joint in front of the audiences in Amsterdam at the MTV EMAs. It didn't stop at that. The crazy singer appeared naked in her latest single Wrecking Ball and shared some really raunchy pictures on social media.

Beyonce Lip-Syncs American National Anthem

Beyonce is one of the best singers on the planet today, but when she sang the American national anthem at President Obama's inauguration ceremony in January, social media went into a frenzy. “All music is pre-recorded for the ceremony because there are so many eventualities and conditions that day,” Kristin DuBois, a rep for [the United States Marine Band] told Page Six. “We performed, live, the band. But we received last-minute word that Beyoncé was going to use the pre-recorded vocal track. Those were the instructions we were given. We don’t know the reason why.” It left people asking why Kelly Clarkson could sing live at the inauguration but not Beyonce.

Reese Witherspoon’s Arrest

After drinking a little too much in Atlanta, Reese Witherspoon and husband Jim Toth drove under the influence. When they were pulled over, Reese tried to get out of the ticket. Apparently she started acting up, telling cops, “Do you know my name?” “You’re about to find out who I am … You are going to be on national news.” She was arrested for disorderly conduct. She then issued a statement to apologize.

Lil Wayne Tramples American Flag

During a video shoot in June of 2013, Lil Wayne trampled on an American flag. Video surfaced that clearly shows Weezy rapping away as he steps all over the stars and stripes. For his part, Lil Wayne tweeted that the entire incident was misconstrued, saying: “I didn't step on the flag on purpose! It's a scene in a video where the flag drops behind me and after it drop it's just there as I perform.”

Celebrity Hackers

Hackers stole key financial information about some very, very big celebrities. Among them? Jay Z and wife Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Donald Trump, Ashton Kutcher, and Britney Spears.

Alec Baldwin Shows His Anger

Alec Baldwin has a bad temper. But this year he really went all out. He assaulted multiple paparazzi, had a breakdown on Twitter about his wife texting at James Gandolfini’s funeral, and most recently, yelled a gay slur that resulted in the loss of his deal with MSNBC.

Amanda Bynes Melt Down

Following months of erratic behavior, former Nickelodeon star Amanda Bynes was arrested in NYC after she heaved a bong out the window of her high-rise Manhattan apartment in May. Two months later, she was placed in a 5150 hold after she set fire on the driveway of a stranger.

Dan Marino Love Child

CBS analyst and legendary former NFL quarterback Dan Marino has six children with his wife of 28 years, Claire. In late-January of 2013, news broke that Marino was, in fact, the father of seven children, including a “love child” with a CBS Sports production assistant. Reports said Donna Savattere gave birth to Marino's daughter, Chloe, in 2005. Marino released a brief statement, saying: “I take full responsibility both personally and financially for my actions now as I did then. We mutually agreed to keep our arrangement private to protect all parties involved. My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years and have six children together. And we continue to be a strong and loving family.”

Teresa and Joe Giudice Fraud

2013 was a real wakeup call for this Real Housewives of New Jersey couple. In July, Teresa Giudice and husband Joe Giudice were slapped with a 39-count indictment that included conspiring to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud and bankruptcy fraud, as well as making false statements on loan applications. Despite pleading not guilty, the spouses were indicted on two more counts in November. If convicted, they could face more than 50 years behind bars.

Katharine McPhee and Michael Morris Public Kiss

Photos emerged in October of Smash director Michael Morris making out with former show star Katharine McPhee in a parking lot. (Both were married at the time, not to one another.) Morris’ wife Mary McCormack allegedly kicked her husband of ten years out of their L.A. home shortly before the scandal broke.

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