Biore Releases Short Story from ‘Skincare Secret’ Author Jane Green

Bioré knows that beauty may not always be “A Walk in the Park,” but their latest collaboration has made getting your best face yet a little more entertaining. The beauty giant partnered with their professed, favorite “chick lit” author, Jane Green, to produce a short story about life, love, friends, and foes according to a twenty-something in New York City. Only five thousand words, it's “a story to pore over” while tracking a chance encounter that can turn protagonist Olivia Adamson's life around. Not only does A Walk in the Park double as a distraction while you're peeling away your impurities, it serves as a prequel to Green's upcoming release, Family Pictures, which will be available this spring. And — (here's the kicker!), it's free. You can download the quirky tale from Bioré's Facebook page to delve into via iPad, Kindle, or Nook.

Green's newest novel, Family Pictures will be available March 19, 2013 at for $12.99-$15.76.