Black, White and Checkered All Over


Celebs got checkered over the holidays, and there wasn't anything subtlety squared about it. Bold black and white check prints was the pattern to party down in. Mariah Carey's take on the look proved to be less 60s mod and more picnic tablecloth with her floor length gown in the design. The corset belt around her waist and chandelier diamond earrings further confused us. Kylie Minogue did a better job donning the print with an asymmetrical cutout cocktail dress, though the two different checkered prints was also a bit iffy. Our advice? Take a fashion cue from Willow Smith and keep it simple; a black and white checkered button down with jeans and combat boots is chic, comfy and effortless. An always daring fashionista, Gwen Stefani is a big fan of the pattern too. The retro, 90s look is perfect for her style, and she always seems to get it right. Whose look do you think was a hit or miss?

image via Style Bistro