Blake Lively is Starting a Passion-Fueled Company


Mrs. Ryan Reynolds has a new project in the works and it doesn’t utilize her acting skills—at all.

“It’s something that will be launching in a few months and that I’m really, really thrilled about,” Blake Lively told Vogue UK of as of yet-to-be-named company. “The main element of it is that it’s about storytelling and it’s about living a very one-of-a-kind, curated life, and how to achieve that. There’s nothing like it out there—it’s without a genre.”

Much like Jessica Alba with The Honest Company, Gwyneth Paltrow with Goop, Lively wanted to branch out from acting. “I have so many passions outside of acting and things that I grew up being good at and I don’t utilize when acting,” the star of Savages said. “Acting was something that my family did so I just kind of got into it by default, but there was so much that I cultivated, thinking that I wouldn’t be an actor.”

Cheers to you, Blake. May you further profit from your passions! Here’s hoping it taps into your inner-foodie.