Blake Lively’s Family-Filled Holiday Gift Guide


Even after saying goodbye to the Gossip Girl gang last night, Blake Lively shows no signs of slowing down even as the holiday near as the face of Gucci’s newest fragrance Premiere. In a new video for the scent, Lively chats about her holiday traditions, including playing games and cooking together as a family. Family is always at the root of her holiday as her most memorable gift was a day in the life video of her sister getting her children ready for school as Lively loves her nieces and nephews like her own. Need a little help in the gift department? Lively suggests getting “something that lasts,” like a photo album filled with memories or even a fragrance, which she noted that her father always gave to her mother during the season with each family member giving a different perfume to each person. It may be a bit conflicted as the family is already a fan of the Gucci perfume.

“Each [scent] tells a story; it’s a nice identifier, and it’s a little bit of a selfish gift because it’s so comforting to be near someone you love and you recognize their smell,” she explained. “We all like the same fragrance, so we’re all going to be wearing Gucci Premiere [this year]. And if we were blindfolded in a room, you’re not going to be able to tell us apart.”

Check out the full video here.