Bliss Gets Serious About Skincare



We’ve always adored Bliss’ brand of cheeky skin and body care, but the one area where the brand gets serious is anti-aging.

The spa authority is readying Blisslabs Active 99.0 named after its signature facial. The seven-piece collection, which includes a cleanser, serum, SPF 30 sunscreen, and mask, as well a day, night, and eye creams, boasts a higher price than the brand’s other musts thanks to the very limited use of water and the advanced formulas. “This line isn’t for everyone. It is costly to make,” Bliss World president Mike Indursky told Women’s Wear Daily. “We decided to be incredibly exclusive with this. It will be only available in our spas, on our Web site, and through some select high-end, third-party spas and cruise ships [in January].”

The formula was developed with help from the spa’s roster of over 500 aestheticians worldwide, and retains many of the same ingredients used in the facial of the same name, such as kojic acid, phyto-retinoids, gardenia stem cells, niacinimide. Both the facial and skincare range will launch November 1st. “Our spas are like living labs. We touch a quarter of a million people, and have over 500 technicians from around the world,” Indursky said. “We take that expertise and insight, and that’s what differentiates us. We aren’t relying on one dermatologist or a research and development center. We are relying on [aestheticians] who are touching women every day.”