Bloggers Remember Their First Time


With New York Fashion Week less than a month away, we asked a few of our favorite bloggers about the first fashion show they ever attended. It was an experience none of them could forget!

Q What was the first fashion show you ever got invited to? 

I'll never forget it: Nicole Miller — I was equal parts ecstatic and incredibly paranoid that it was actually fake/a joke.
Hallie Wilson,

It was seven years ago, and I think it was a People's Revolution-Kelly Cutrone produced show. She was such an early adaptor of new media! I also remember the first time I was invited to an Oscar de la Renta show six years ago in September 2007. I was the first blogger ever extended an invitation (or “Golden Ticket” as everyone called ODLR show invites). I clutched onto that invite and kept thinking someone would tell me it was a mistake. Anna Wintour ran in late with Roger Federer (who had just won the US Open). I was in awe. I'll never forget that day – my heart pounded throughout the show. I had a huge grin on my face like an idiot. Actually, I don't think I stopped smiling that entire week!
Tina Craig,

“Tracy Reese and it was incredible. They had to fill a seat in the second row so I got moved down. It was pretty major. During that same Fashion Week I met one of my fashion idols, Betsey Johnson, in the lobby of my hotel. Major.”
Lauren Messiah,