Blonde Is The New Black, According To Redken


Who knew that Piper’s hair color would hold up so well in prison? Redken Color Consultant and celeb hairstylist Tracy Cunningham definitely did. Though the stylist to the stars attempted to downplay actress Taylor Schilling’s hair color for shooting the Netflix hit Orange Is The New Black, her hair seemed to retain that brilliant blonde throughout. It was Redken Shades EQ (for salon, not personal, use) that helped Piper’s hair hold onto that glossy finish until the very last episode. We know, we know, it's not really fair that even after a few months in prison, her hair looks that good, but turn to Redken and you, too, can get that fresh-from-the-salon-even-though-I'm-in-prison look that Piper sports so well. On Schilling's hair, Cunningham used Redken’s Flashlift lightening powder first before applying Shades EQ to get that stunning shine. Perhaps not orange, but blonde is the new black, after all.