Body Beautiful: 4 Innovative Tools for Everything Below the Neck

Most women spend countless hours and hundreds (if not thousands!) of dollars caring for the skin on their face, fighting fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and the like. But what about the rest of your body? Don’t forget to beautify yourself from head to toe—take a look at some of these tools that do everything from firming your skin to giving you a glistening finish.

1. TriPollar Pose Skin-Tightening Device, $463,
This handy instrument uses professional-grade technology to not only firm skin and improve the appearance of cellulite but also shrink stubborn fat cells and deposits to help give you the body shape you desire. Later, muffin tops and bat wings!

2. Bio-Medical Research Arm Lift, $200,
If flabby arms are at the top of your list of body woes, give this toning garment-gadget a go. It exerts a rhythmic contract-and-release action, which stimulates arm muscles for firmer, sexier triceps so you can feel more confident in your sleeveless tops.

3. Jonathan Beauty Water Shower Purification System, $95,
We’ve embraced purified drinking water, so why not purified shower water? Hard water (not to mention the various minerals and chemicals in most tap water) can wreak havoc with our body and mane—filtered H2O can help reverse the damage. Install this revolutionary purifier in your shower and watch your hair and skin transform with newfound softness.

4. GlowFusion Air Glow Gun, $175,
Fingerprints and streaks in your DIY tan are so not sexy. Instead of manually slathering on self-tanner and risking disaster, try this innovative at-home sunless-tan spray gun. It releases a fine mist that covers your skin evenly, avoiding those telltale streaks and leaving you with a gorgeous glow.