Body Bliss: How to Be Healthy Inside and Out


When thinking about your body, tell yourself that there are no flaws, only differences. Stop trying to achieve the unachievable—the “perfect” body—and start taking steps to embrace what you’ve got. Here are some real ways to be healthy and help you accept, understand, and enjoy your body so you’ll feel great both inside and out.

Look at Yourself in the Mirror and Love What You See
One of the best ways to be body-positive is to surround yourself with images of a diversity of bodies. If you feel like your curves are bringing you down, check out the blog Curve Appeal. If you’re starting to get negative about your looks in general and need a reminder that you are in fact uncommonly beautiful, start reading Chookooloonks today! Fashion and beauty magazines are fun, but don’t let them be your standard of beauty and health. Reading body-positive blogs can have a real impact on how you view yourself.

Understand How Your Body Works
Fact: Your body is amazing! If biology 101 was not your favorite class, don’t give up on learning about your body just yet. Sites like U by Kotex® will help you understand your body with real facts, especially about parts you may have a hard time talking about. Vagina. There, I said it. The more you know about your vagina and vaginal health, the more you can help break the silence too.

Enjoy Your Body
Find a physical activity you like. You don’t have to be a professional athlete to enjoy doing sports. You don’t even have to be coordinated to enjoy dancing. However, moving your body releases endorphins, which gives you that great sense of well-being. And when you’re feeling good, chances are you’ll have greater self-esteem and a greater appreciation of your body. Having your period can seem like a real drag, but it’s just another natural part of being a women, and unlike Roman women, who used wooden sticks wrapped in lint as menstrual pads, today with panty liners, ultra-thin pads, maxi pads, and tampons, it’s easy to carry on with your favorite activities no matter what time of the month it is.