Bottle of Wine + Scary Movies = A Happy Halloween

Don't have any big plans this Halloween? Cuddle up at home with a big blanket, a bottle of wine, and a few frightening DVDs. Yellow Tail has paired a few iconic scary movies with their wine varietals. Some of these movies will get your heart pounding and blood racing… So pour a big glass — it'll help take the edge off!

Complex Creepers

Drink: Reserve Cabernet-Sauvignon
Deep and complex, the flavor for [yellow tail] Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is an ideal fit for a scary movie with a few clever plot twists.

Watch: The Ring– Smarter than your average creepy thriller, this film captured audience attention with its unique premise. People wind up dead after watching a mysterious video, and a journalist (played by Naomi Watts) must investigate why…

Watch: Saw – Intensely gory, this compelling story will hold your attention. The 2003 film was so popular that it has spawned a number of sequels in the years following. But don't blame us if you lose sleep for a week, you've been warned!

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Cuddly Creepers

Drink: Reserve Chardonnay
Wine trends change, but Chardonnay has always been a timeless favorite. We recommend these timeless romantic classics as way to get in the Halloween mood with someone you love.

Watch: Teen Wolf– A timeless story: Boy becomes a sports star. Boy gets the girl. Oh, but the boy is also a werewolf…

Watch: Ghost – Sadly, it's been just over a year since Patrick Swayze passed away but this film remains the jewel of his wonderful career. The movie's plot about a man whose time on earth ends too soon seems even more emotional now.

Epic Movies

Drink: Reserve Merlot
To match the wine's rich taste and flavor nuances, [yellow tail] Reserve Merlot pairs well with horror films that have a little extra something which separate them from the thousands of other slash-and-gore flicks.

Watch: Freddy vs. Jason– This film pulled off what horror buffs have debated for decades – what would happen if Jason from Friday the 13th met Freddy Kreuger from the Nightmare on Elm Street franchise? It's a good movie to crack open a bottle and reminisce about the first time you were frightened by these two memorable characters.

Watch: Scream – Yes, it has a guy with a mask killing teenagers with horrible survival instincts. But that's what makes this film fun – it pokes fun at horror clichés while still paying homage to them.

Spookers with a Soft Touch

Drink: Reserve Pinot Grigio
Fresh and zesty, [yellow tail] Reserve Pinot Grigio has a lighter taste than other wines. By nature, horror films aren't light, but these films are a little bit wackier than the typical slasher flicks. There's nothing wrong with the occasional laugh to break up the tension, and these movies bring both.

Watch: BeetleJuice – This 1988 film directed by Tim Burton has a strange plot, which we'll try to explain in a sentence: A couple dies unexpectedly and turns into ghosts, and attempts to scare a new family from settling into their former country home by enlisting a ghost-for-hire to help them spook the newcomers from the house. Beetlejuice (Michael Keaton) is the anti-hero, the ghost-for-hire that screws up things more than he helps.

Watch: Ghostbusters – No plot summary needed here, as this film is instantly recognizable to moviegoers of all ages. But watching it now, it's amazing how fresh this 1984 film still feels. The writing is sharp, the characters are memorable and even the special effects still don't seem all that cheesy for an 80s film. (Okay, maybe a little bit.)

Knives, Camera, Action

Drink: Reserve Shiraz
With its big and bold flavor, we're pairing [yellow tail] Reserve Shiraz with some action movies that have a horror feel.

Watch: Blade – There's something about vampire movies and red wine that seems to fit together. Sip on Shiraz while Wesley Snipes wipes out countless bloodsucking vampires and you'll understand what we're talking about.

Watch: Van Helsing – Talk about a perfect Halloween fit (or Hallo-wine as we call it!). Aussie-born actor Hugh Jackman in an action-packed flick paired with a classic Australian varietal, Shiraz. Jackman's character takes on Dracula, Frankenstein, and other ghoulish monsters, making it appropriate for a hauntingly fun holiday.

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