Box Office Beat: Zero Dark Thirty Takes it to the Top


After one of Hollywood’s biggest nights, Oscar contender Zero Dark Thirty made bank as audiences tried to familiarize themselves with some of the films up for golden statuettes. See what other movies made big moves this weekend:

1. Zero Dark Thirty $24 M
2. A Haunted House $18.8 M
3. Gangster Squad $16.7 M
4. Django Unchained $11.1 M
5. Les Misèrables $10.1 M
6. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey $9.1 M
7. Lincoln $6.3 M
8. Parental Guidance $6.1 M
9. Texas Chainsaw 3D $5.2 M
10. Silver Linings Playbook $5 M