Break a Sweat in H&M Active Wear This January


Just in time for the beginning of the year promises to yourself to go to the gym more, H&M is providing motivation in the form of cute workout clothes.

What? That always does the trick for us…

The Swedish fast-fashion retailer just announced that it would launch an active line that’s dedicated to, wait for it, “no-nonsense performance.” Before you back away slowly, you should know that brand even consulted Swedish Olympic athletes to consult on the production of the new active designs, Refinery 29 is reporting. So, couple H&M’s massive stylish appeal with gear that’s not only functional but cute?

Everyone will want to get in on that action. Runners, swimmers and even yogis will find something they like in this new offering.

Well, looks like that’s all we need to make us want to hit the gym more often. That, and how good we’ll look once it shows up in retail spaces starting this January.