Break-Up Tips From Elisha Cuthbert

In the April issue of Men’s Health, Elisha Cuthbert, actress in the new series, Happy Endings shares insights on three “Must Do” steps to getting through life after a breakup.

Step 1 – Make a Clean Cut
After a split, many women stay in touch and inadvertently send the wrong signals. Don’t be fooled: “Women know the relationship is over but are afraid to be alone, so they still keep that one little string attached,” Elisha Cuthbert says. “You need to step away.” Neither of you will be able to properly move on until you cut ties.

Step 2 – Control the Damage
Yeah, your business is your business. But if you and your ex have mutual friends you both intend to keep, staying quiet about the breakup will only make things awkward for everyone. “Explain your side to each friend,” she says. “I think they have a right to know.” But don’t bash your ex—ever. Friends will stand by you, but nobody wants to play favorites.

Step 3 – Shake it Off
After a split, many men can be standoffish toward new women. “I think most guys think they have to play it cool, otherwise women are going to run for the hills. I don’t think it’s like that,” Cuthbert says. Case in point: After her first date with now boyfriend Dion Phaneuf (captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs), he called to make sure she made it home safely. Smart move. “It was really nice. I thought, ‘Oh, I’ve got a good guy here.”

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