Breakfast at Barneys with Belstaff

History lessons, new words to add to regular jargon, and quippy fashion comebacks – all of the above are to be expecting when spending a morning with Simon Doonan!

To reintroduce Belstaff to editors and present the newest designs, Simon hosted a chat with the brand's Chief Creative Officer, Martin Cooper. Set on the third floor of a closed Barneys – to which we say, 'how glam' – editors took part in a mini history lesson on the heritage of Belstaff over granola. Originally created as an outfitter for aristocrats who spent their free time racing Bentleys and open cockpit planes, Martin set out to bring new life into the brand. A deep dive into the archives resulted in an updated vision that effectively reinstated the brand's legacy while infusing modern touches.

Belstaff counts historical icons such as Amelia Earhart, Che Guevara, and Steve McQueen as legendary supporters of the brand. And given Martin's appreciation for the human form, desire to create an ergonomic collection, and attention to details like knurling (yes,knurling) Belstaff is sure to be found in the closets of many New Yorker. While the brand specifically speaks to the city dwellers who find themselves embracing the hectic nature of the city during the week, then escaping to the country on the weekends, we maintain that there's nothing like a little fashion aspiration to enhance a wardrobe.