Breaking Down the Outfit Choices of Girls


Upon first glance, Girls doesn't hold the same sartorial cache as let's say, Sex and the City, for instance. There are no over the top combinations, birds strategically placed on the character's heads, or Manolos and Jimmy Choos. But take a closer look, and you'll see judgements aren't exactly what they seem. As Season 1 played out and with Season 2 quickly approaching, it's clear that the four characters are actually as diverse in personality as they are outfit choices. While Marnie exudes the same grown up sense of self she aspires to be with slim fitting pencil skirts and dresses, Hannah's odd choices show her twenty something confused mentality. The New York Times took a deeper look at the fashion choices for the four girls with the show's costume designer, Jennifer Rogien, as the world looks forward to Season 2. “The overall theme of the show is all the mistakes we go through when we’re trying to find our footing,” she explained. “We wanted to embrace all those factors — the youth, the first job, the insecurity in relationships, both romantic and friendship — and see if we could reflect that through the clothing.”


While the main character's outfits aren't the most polished or put together, “She’s fully committed to them. Sometimes we tailor the clothes to fit her even worse.”


“She’s very put together. She’s trying really hard to be professional, to be grown-up, and sometimes she overshoots.”


“She’s someone whose reading every book, every magazine and kind of using every fashion rule together at once.”


“A girl with an innately cool sense of style whose confidence can veer into the crazily inappropriate.”