Bring Better Value to Your Wardrobe

Carrie Bradshaw once said, “I like my money hanging right where I can see it—in my closet.” And we agree! You put a lot of time and effort into building your wardrobe, so take time to maintain its value. Here are three ways to keep your clothes fresh and help them last up to 50 percent longer.

1. Wash in Cold Water
Washing your clothes in cold water not only saves money but also lengthens the life of your clothing. By selecting the cold-water option on your washer, you can avoid unfortunate shrinkage, colors will last longer, and your fabrics will stay intact longer. Purchasing a cold-water detergent will stretch your dollar even further because the product’s designed to clean clothes without harsh hot water.

2. Store Your Clothes
When you’re not wearing your clothes, keeping them in your closet can stretch them out, leading to increased wear and tear. Create up to 50 percent more room in your closet by rotating your summer and winter clothes. Cleaning your garments to remove oils, dirt, and dust is a key part of storing clothing because insects are attracted to perfumes and perspiration. Consider the climate of the space where you’ll be storing clothes—spaces that are too damp can lead to mold and mildew, but furs and leather do best in cold temperatures.

3. Handle With Care
Changing out of your work clothes before you start the dishes or begin cooking dinner can keep your clothes fresh and avoid unfortunate stains and tears. Laundering a sweatshirt with an unzipped zipper can create unnecessary roughness in your washing machine. Be sure to pull up all zippers to avoid rough edges against delicate fabrics in the wash. For your delicates, purchase a mesh laundry bag for your items before washing them on the delicate cycle. The fabric of the bag will protect expensive, delicate fabrics from a heavy-duty washing machine.