Britney Toasts to 10 Years of Fab Fragrances


I remember when I first found out that Britney Spears was coming out with her first fragrance back in 2004. I was a weird (read: goth) sophomore in high school; she was promoting her In the Zone album with her Hotel Onyx Tour that was eventually canceled because she injured her knee. The scent itself, Curious, went on to break Elizabeth Arden’s first-week gross record for a perfume, and I graduated two years later.

My have things changed! The former X Factor judge is gearing up for her two-year Las Vegas stint and fresh new single. Plus, she took to Facebook to announce she’s celebrating the 10th anniversary of her first scent with a new one: Fantasy Anniversary Edition. With her signature sweet notes, we can only imagine just how flirty and feminine this latest one will be. Just like her legion of fans, we definitely want a sniff of this!

Update:  We knew she wouldn't keep us waiting! The first look at the bottle has been released, and this time it's all about the fans! The songstress dedicated the scent to her fans, even naming some of her most devoted (from 85 countries) right on the bottle. It reads, “10 hugs and 10 kisses…to my sweet scented fans for a decade of love…you are my inspiration,” with kisses and hugs from Britney. And we won't have to wait long for the scent to arrive as its slated to hit Kohl's shelves and in early October. We can't wait!