Brittany Snow Strips with Bioré and Shares Secrets from the Pitch Perfect 2 Set



Brittany Snow wants you to come clean but have fun doing it. The fresh face of Bioré has linked her organization, Love is Louder, with the brand for the #StripwithBiore Challenge. All it takes is a selfie sporting the brand’s signature Deep Cleansing Pore Strip or Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strip with the hashtags #StripwithBiore, #sweeps, and tag three friends. The winner will make their way to West Coast to join the Pitch Perfect 2 star at an event for her charity. Glam chatted with Snow about her sensational sequel, her Valentine’s Day musts, and even tips on how you can share the red carpet with her:


What is the best way fans can stand out in the challenge?

Just be yourself and have fun with the picture! I mean, you have a Bioré Pore Strip on your nose. It's silly! Anything that shows your personality.

What would be your best red carpet tip for the winner?

I get nervous on red carpets, too! It's not a natural thing to just stand there and have people take pictures of you. My tip would be to just have fun and not think about it too much. We will make it fun together.

We can’t wait to see Pitch Perfect 2! What was your favorite song to record this time around?

My favorite song to record was Cups. I loved getting to sing it in a different way with the girls.

If you could comprise your own acapella group, who would be in it? What would you name it?

I would put in it my best friend Kelley Jakle who is in Pitch Perfect. She's a professional acapella singer anyway. We've made it up in our mind: it would be called Jakle and Hide. And I would always be hiding in the background because I am very shy.


With Valentine's Day around the corner, what's your favorite gift to give to your loved ones?

I love making gifts fun. I usually do some sort of a scavenger hunt with puns or make it an adventure. It's the memory that people remember.

Do you have a favorite Valentine's gift you've received?

I love just a good old fashioned date. It could be to Subway for all I care. I just love being picked up and surprised.

What do you think is the best look to rock for your Valentine's Day date?

I hope jeans are okay to wear on Valentine's Day! I'll probably be in those or maybe a dress. If I get crazy, I'll wear my heart shaped sunglasses. Ha!

Images courtesy of Biore and Brittany Snow's Instagram