Brooklyn Bound: Is Katie Holmes Headed to the Set of Girls?


Big things are happening in Brooklyn, all thanks to Lena Dunham and company. The scribe-turned-TV star’s HBO hit will be enlisting the help of Gillian Jacobs for season four, with reported cameos booked for friends Taylor Swift and Cara Delevingne. Dunham, though, still may not be done adding more Girls to the gang. 

Page Six is reporting that Dunham and her show runner Jenni Konner treated Katie Holmes to dinner in SoHo on June 5. The trio were spotted dining at Italian restaurant Osteria Morini where they shared servings of “crostini and cappelletti with truffle parmigiano.” That, of course, isn’t what matters here—though we’ve been meaning to test out Osteria’s fare. The meeting itself hints that Holmes could be considering a guest spot or recurring role alongside Dunham next season.

Holmes, who is returning to the silver screen in August’s The Giver, is quietly stepping back into the spotlight after an acting hiatus, the shuttering of her namesake clothing line, and an abbreviated run on Broadway back in 2012. With its propensity to spark watercooler moments and debates on how self-absorbed Hannah can be, a cameo or two on Girls would certainly do Holmes some good… and grab her a few headlines.

Girls season four will return, with or without Holmes, January 2015.