Brown vs. Whitman at #TWC2010

Things got a bit heated this afternoon at the Women's Conference as Gubernatorial candidates Jerry Brown and Meg Whitman took the stage in a debate-style discussion hosted by Matt Lauer. It's a good thing that the current “Governator” Arnold Schwarzengger was there to keep the peace.

After stating their positions on certain issues affecting the state, Lauer asked the candidates if they'd be willing to pull their negative ads for the next week leading up to the election on Nov. 2, and focus, instead, on their platforms and stances. He requested that they each make a “pledge of positivity” for the good of the state — so that each and every voter can make an informed decision without being swayed by ugly rumors and distracting claims.

While Schwarzengger nodded his head and smiled with enthusiasm, the candidates were a little less excited. The crowd of Californians, on the other hand, clapped and cheered at Lauer's seemingly simple request. Brown said that he would pull the negative ads if Whitman did the same, but she seemed a bit hesitant. She said she couldn't pull the ads that show the vast differences in their opinions on important issues.

While it's unclear if the pledge will actually take effect, we still have to applaud Lauer's no-nonsense appeal… Politics with out the B.S.? It sounds too good to be true.