Bulgari High Jewelry By the Numbers


On a recent trip to the Bulgari factory in Italy, Glam had the opportunity to meet with the craftsmen and women responsible for creating such beautiful jewelry. In delving into the art and talent required to fashion gemstones into Bulgari necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, we came away with such interesting statistics and information that we felt it was essential to share. From the 316 hours of (by hand) work needed to the 300 pieces made every year, here's a peek at the behind the scenes secrets of the Bulgari factory:

  • 250-300 pieces of Bulgari high jewelry are created each year by craftsmen
  • 22 craftsmen will work from 20-22 years in high end jewelry
  • It takes 6-8 months from the first look at stones to final creation
  • All high jewelry by Bulgari starts with a gold bar weighing 1 kilo
  • 316 hours of work are required to make a bracelet that will total 80,000-90,000 euros
  • 2-3 craftsman work on one project together, beginning with flat dimensional designs to bring the creation to life
  • Craftsmen study at goldsmith school for 4-5 years before working in the field