Burberry Opens Its Beauty Box Boutique


Burberry is moving out of the department stores and into The Box.

Opening in London’s Covent Garden, the brand built a two-floor boutique focused on makeup, nail polish, and fragrance with a healthy dose of digital to bring it to life. (Remember their electronic kisses?) Expect to see a digital chandelier, crated from a series of iPad screens suspended from the ceiling as well as in the brand’s signature check. There’s a digital runway nail bar to allow mani mavens a chance to test-drive the shades on their skin tone. You even check out via iPhone!

The electronic components are packed into the space with the brand’s full makeup and fragrances collections along with coordinating accessories, including versions of the Crush and Petal bags in blush and pink. There are even stylists to help coordinate the beauty buys and accessories to package the perfect present.

It won’t be long until we see a shop spring up on our shores, as Burberry has more locations in the works, with many dazzling digital displays for our eyes to feast on while we shop. Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s chief creative officer and chief executive officer designate, told Women’s Wear Daily that the Box would blur the lines between the brand’s fashion and beauty worlds,“merging physical and digital experiences that allow people to explore and combine Burberry makeup, fragrance and accessories in new, playful and exciting ways.”

We can’t wait to play when it comes to the U.S.!