Burberry’s Got Big Plans for Breaking Into Skincare


Your skincare stash is about to get more luxe thanks to Burberry.

The British brand has big plans to break into the new beauty sector, especially after the success of its fragrance (which they’ve recently brought in-house) and makeup has taken off. This comes on the heels of a scent for “midteens” slated to hit shelves this fall and a second beauty box concept in Asia already in the works.

According to Women’s Wear Daily, skincare alone made $44 billion of the beauty industry’s $101 billion, so that alone is enough incentive for the Burberry to expand its reach. Chief operating officer John Smith has got the ball rolling on bringing the idea to the beauty counter by tapping experts in the field. “We are talking to a range of possible partners about a range of possible relationships,” Smith explained.

He’s got his eye on boosting the brand into the top 10 of luxury skincare by driving “loyalty over time” with customers. “It's a prize worth pursuing,” Smith exclaimed. Prepare yourselves beauty buffs, this is going to be big!