Buzz Alert: Beyonce Teases #BeyHereNow Announcement with Video Drop


Presidential inauguration performance? Yes. Superbowl blackout? This is true. Renewed Pepsi partnership, world tour reveal, and chiming for change with Gucci? Check, check, and check! So what exactly could Beyoncé have up her sleeve—or her robotic “Single Ladies” hand—now? The May VOGUE UK covergirl released a five-second clip via her Tumblr page today, telling her Beyhive to be on watch tomorrow—and she resurrected her Sasha Fierce, chrome glove to send the message loud and clear.

While this announcement of a bigger, April 4th reveal is one of her more cryptic social media messages as of late, it's only led us to wonder if we'll finally get new music to follow her salacious “I Been On/Bow Down” leak. The #BeyHereNow message is scored with an upbeat track, reminiscent of her Major Lazer “Run The World (Girls)” anthem two summers ago, but our research (read: Twitter scan) only makes us pine more. Beyoncé's husband and The Great Gatsbycollaborator Jay-Ztweeted “Equipo peligroso,” or “dangerous equipment” a couple of hours ago, while Sony Music's Ireland feed referenced it as a sneak peek at her new Pepsi campaign. And considering 4 is Mrs. Carter's favorite number and tomorrow marks her fifth wedding anniversary to Jay-Z, we can't even begin to think of what more Blue Ivy's mom could pull out of her arsenal. So while we set our alarms for 9:00 AM tomorrow morning, this video will have to keep us satiated: