Buzz Alert: Jay-Z Responds to Cuba Trip Critics with an ‘Open Letter’


It's pretty clear that most couples don't live like the powerhouse pair that is Jay-Z and Beyoncé. So when the highest-paid celebrity couple in the world takes off to celebrate five years of marriage, they'll probably opt for a locale that most can only dream of—like Cuba. And when that getaway prompts political debates on American access to said embargoed island, it's only right that Mr. Carter responds with an “Open Letter.”

Jay-Z responded to the backlash that he and his “Grown Woman” received for vacationing in Havana, Cuba by releasing a new song today on his Life and Times blog. In it, he boasted of turning “Havana to Atlanta,” jokingly offered President Barack Obama the option to “chill with me on the beach,” and chided the dismissal of Cuba while the government favors relations with another communist country, China. Florida representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen was one of the first to openly criticize the pair for their Cuban trip, telling CNN that money and fame shouldn't equal a government pass. “…Even if you are the diva Beyoncé—and that's wonderful that she's famous and rich—and Jay-Z, everybody loves him, too. Terrific. But no one's above the law.” The U.S. Treasury, however, confirmed that the Pepsi representative and her husband entered Cuba legally, and that their international rank had nothing to do with government clearance. “We don’t request the identities of the travelers on the trip. We followed policies accordingly for this trip,” a spokesman told Politico. “The approval process is based in part on the itinerary—not the specific travelers on each trip.”

But Jay-Z didn't stop there. He not only championed “the freedom in my speech” and love of Cubans (people and cigars), but also addressed his decision to sell his share of the Brooklyn Nets. In the braggadocio manner that we're used to hearing from the Roc Nation head, “I still own the building, I'm still keeping my seat. Y'all buy that bull—-, you'd better keep y'all receipt.” Well, Mr. Carter, if we had one, we'd try to cash it in for a ticket to your next tropical vacay. But for now, an earthy Bey replete with animal prints and box braids will do!

Check out the track (and pics) below!

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