Cannes Is Getting a Fashion Festival


As if the Film Festival weren’t enough of a runway already, Cannes is getting a separate fashion festival. From May 20 to 22, the Cannes Fashion Festival will be held in the Hotel Majestic Barriere, in the middle of all the film festival action. Totalprestige, a British-based company, plans to create “an array of glittering runway shows and glamorous events to be attended by international designers, journalists, industry insiders and fashion forward consumers.”

The two festivals officially have nothing to do with one another, though it seems like the fashion organizers are trying to bring an actual runway to an event that thrives on an imaginary one. The Cannes Film Festival is, yes, about film, but it’s also about the celebrity spectacles that involve multiple outfit changes in one day and risky red carpet choices. We’d hate to see that kind of spectacle vanish from the film festival as a result of a more official fashion backdrop, but perhaps we’ll be pleasantly surprised by it all.