Cara Delevingne Swaps Silly For Sultry For La Perla


Cara Delevingne can make any type of weird face she wants, but we’ll forever be in awe of those amazing eyebrows. Among a few other features. In her latest campaign for La Perla, Delevingne shows a softer side – and a really sultry one, at that. And as rumors swirl that she's skipping out on the Victoria's Secret fashion show this year, this new partnership appears to aptly fill that void.

The nutty but lovable tomboy stripped away the oversized layers and beanies she loves so much in exchange for some very sexy underpinnings. A smoldering look, combined with a slight (perfect) eyebrow raise and some perfectly tousled hair yields this edgy yet quintessential lingerie ad, which Delevingne debuted herself via Instagram. Though she likes to goof off occasionally, this girl totally kills it when she’s on the job. The image has a gritty overall look, but Delevingne herself looks absolutely flawless. With this gem of a photo, Delevingne proves she’s the perfect fit for La Perla, as well as a modeling force to be reckoned with in fashion.