Carine Roitfeld was Responsible for Ciara’s Blonde Bob


Ciara’s pregnancy was the trending topic after her baby bump debut, but the “Body Party” singer is making Glam headlines for another reason. While promoting her post-Grammys performance and Degree DO MORE campaign, the mommy-to-be gave us the backstories on some of her best looks of 2013 and revealed that Carine Roitfeld endorsed her riskiest hair move to date.

Angel: Who would you say is your biggest beauty icon? 

Ciara: I don’t have many, but one person that I really love is Carine Roitfeld. I think she’s amazing. She’s just legendary. She’s so classy, and elegant—one of a kind. Even her personality is so special, and she’s so vibrant for her age. She knows fashion. She knows what she’s doing, and she’s very sure about it… She is one of the coolest women.

A: Has she offered you any great advice?

C: She really loved my short blonde hair. She loved the shorter length. I remember her telling me that I should stick with it. And it’s so funny, because I kept wanting to add some hair, then I was like, meh… she was right! All the girls kept saying they wanted my bob, so that was really sweet. She was on point.

A: As dynamic of a performer as you are, you've also become a style star. Since you're know to turn heads on the red carpet, we wanted to take a look back at some of your best looks of 2013. First up, Calvin Klein at the CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards.

C: That was so much fun. I loved that outfit because I’m a tomboy and I got to really be a tomboy that night—but it was very chic and elegant. The all-white was such a bold statement to me because I love black; it was really cool to kind of go opposite of that. I loved that white look with the gold pairing of Jennifer Fisher’s jewelry. It just all worked out perfectly. I felt like it was true to me but it was still—I was still able to feel dressed up and I was still able to fit in with the night.

A: J. Mendel at the American Music Awards.

C: I love that dress! When I tried it on, we knew it was it. When I actually saw the dress on the rack, I was like “This is the one.” Me and my stylist, Jason, we were like “This is it!” It was just one of those things that you just knew. I just knew right away.

A: And of course, that Givenchy gown at the MTV Video Music Awards.

C: I love Riccardo [Tisci] to death, and he knows I’ve always loved this dress, ever since it hit couture almost four years ago. I always had my eyes on that dress, and I kept thinking, “I’ve got to get that dress, and it has to be the right moment.” Riccardo, he won’t give that dress [out]—you can’t just wear it to any regular event. The VMAs is all about rock ‘n’ roll, and being young and [having] fresh energy. And you get to do things how you want to there… I actually text Riccardo, “Ricky, I really, really want to wear this dress.” He was like [mocking Riccardo] “I’m going to look into it for you baby!” He was right on it, right away. Literally, we got the dress two days before the awards show, and I was so happy because my dream literally came true. That was my dream dress. I still feel like there’s no dress that compares to that dress. Out of all the ones I’ve worn, that was my favorite of all.