Carol Brodie Crafts Home Accents and Accessories for HSN

Carol Brodie’s fine jewelry has been a staple at HSN for years, but now she’s taking it a step further with a collection of fashionable accessories and decorative accents. From handbags to sunglasses, pillows to candles, each comes complete with her signature evil eye. Glam got the chance to chat with the luxury expert to find out what sparked the shift in design, what must-haves you should pick up, and the secret behind the evil eye.

What prompted you to move into home décor?
Honestly, I was in a meeting at HSN, and I opened up my beautiful totebag, and I said “Oh, I wanna show you something.” And I took out all these little accessories inside my bag, to get to the bottom to get what I had. And the head of accessories and merchandising at HSN, she goes “what's going on in there?”I'm like, “it's a system, it's my system of organization.” She goes “you need to do that for HSN.” From that, from my complete and total system of organization, she said to me, how would you feel about doing a full line of fashion accessories? I'm like, “I'm so all over it, it's going to be my talisman.” But you know, I'm a Harry Winston girl, so I need it to be the finest leather, the finest craftsmanship. I'm going to tell you something ‹ I call it the three M's of Carol Brodie. Meaning, moment, and memory. But it's also about the 4 Cs. You've got craftsmanship, you've got saturated colors, there's nothing here that's not great. And then, the home décor, after I did all the accessories and I was looking at it, I'm like “you know what, these need to be glamourous with a little sparkle. And I believe, the same way that we all wear jewelry is the same way our home needs to be bejeweled. We need to walk into sparkle. I feel, every day of my life, I'm a 6-year-old girl. Honestly. I get the Cinderella syndrome every day. By the way, I don't even believe in the word tacky, at all. So for me, the word is talisman. Anything I can do to add sparkle to my life, it's happy. It's happy, it's like a rainbow. It's the peacock, it's everything that makes us happy. The collection is incredibly priced, the values are insane, but the quality, I'm giving Harry Winston quality at HSN affordability. And that's the entire beauty of this whole product line.

Do you have a favorite item from home and accessories?
My favorite item in the home décor are the candles. And I'll tell you why. I partnered with DL & Company, which is an amazing manufacturer, and I went to Paris, and I had my scents blended. So my diffusers in the candles, it's 5 scents that are blended into a perfume. When you buy a candle in a store, you go buy lavender, it's lavender. You go buy apple, you have an apple. I've got 5 top notes in every candle and every diffuser. So the candles, they're so hot, they're chic, they're all jewel colors, they have my little talismans on them, I love them. I love the packaging. And then, from the fashion accessory line. I don't know if you saw my hand-woven, leather and suede bag, and it's got a beautiful, braided chain top handle. It's Bottega meets Chanel and they go on a date. I mean, at $448 thank you! And there's like no visible panty lines. If you go inside, everything is lined and covered. It's rich, it's luxurious, it's quality, it's craftsmanship. For me, to be able to deliver a bag that's made in a factory that makes $3200 handbags and be able to deliver that to the HSN customer for $448, I feel like I won the lottery and my customers won the lottery. So I'm excited.

What's the must-have item from your collection?
If you're not familiar with my line, I'm going to assume that you're going to maybe want to try it and you're going to want to see the quality for yourself. You're going to want to smell it, you're going to want to feel it, you're going to want to touch it. I think that the throws ‹ I did four beautiful throws, very affordable ‹ they all have an evil eye jewel talisman on the corner of each throw, and they're done in a plush, that I'm dealing you, J. Mendel sheared mink has nothing over my throws. So I would say, starting with the throw, you're really going to experience the quality. The candles are probably the most affordable as well as the key fobs. The key fobs are made in my jewelry factories, so they're completely European crystal, made in my jewelry factories, by my fine jewelry setters. Every evil eye that's on everything is made by my fine jewelers. Not in a factory with people who don't make fine jewelry. I would start with a throw or I would start with a candle. In the leather goods, the wallet it is a cross body, the chain is 18 karat gold color. It's a custom chain that was made for me. Every piece of hardware is custom — it's monogrammed; it's got the evil eyes. But the wallet has a beautiful toggle on it, so you can wear it or you can take the chain off. You can wear the chain as a belt and tie it on the side and just put the wallet in your bag. So, those are some pieces that I think are great starter pieces, and I'm 100 % sure, one piece of Carol Brodie home will be a lifetime of holiday gifts because you will keep coming back. But I will say one thing: the collection's very limited. So I'm launching it this Friday at 10pm; if it's anything like my jewelry, we'll expect to sell out by Saturday morning. So I'm honored and I'm excited and I'm praying and all that.

What’s behind your signature evil eye?
Let me tell you something, the evil eye is your ultimate protection from “haterville” and it keeps you like this room, filled with people who are loving and wonderful.

What's the next step for you and your growing collection?

What's my vision? First of all, this is an accent brand. Most brands that we see are lifestyle brands, so when you look at some of the great, affordable designers out there. If you look at a Tory Burch or you're looking at a Kate Spade, those are lifestyle brands. I'm an accent brand. I'm the accent for your home, I'm the accent for your life. I would like to see, to work with my HSN business because I'm obsessed with my HSN business, I'd like to keep that in America. And around the globe, I'd like to have a beautiful licensed and franchised Carol Brodie accent stores in every tourist destination. So any airport you go into, I'd like to be the little boutique in there.

Tune into Carol Brodie's newest launch on HSN tonight at 10:00PM!