Carrie Underwood’s Sultry Valentine’s Day Look and Awards Season Spirit



Carrie Underwood may be sitting out of awards season with a little one on the way, but she’s set to tune in to see all of gorgeous red carpet looks and root for her friends who are up for a Grammy this year. Aside from the promise of a statue of either her own or one with pal Miranda Lambert, the fresh face of Almay’s song has been featured in the brand's latest campaign that will be splashed across screen everywhere. With all of the happy news coming her way, Glam got to chat with the country superstar to find out what else she’s listening to, what’s in her beauty bag, and what’s her ideal Valentine’s Day:


On her definition of American Beauty:

It’s all about being confident and keeping things simple, being fresh. I think that every woman out there has something no one else has, and [she] should feel good about that. It’s all about bringing those aspects out. I feel like I get the most inspiration from my mom. I learned about makeup from watching her, and my mom and my friends are the people that we make this makeup and these commercials for. People that are real who are beautiful who are confident; that's what it's all about.

On the best Valentine's gifts to give:

I'm all about things that we can do together. Gifts are amazing, and it's great to be able to open something and to think that someone thought of you to get you a present. But I'm all about being able to say, “Let's go out to dinner, and it's on me” or “Let's go hang out,” or “Let's have a spa day or something together.” It's more about that than opening a present, and I love presents, too.


On her go-to beauty buys and nighttime look:

I feel like the smoky eye is one of the trends that has been around for a bit, and I don't see it going away. I do love that Almay makes it really easy to achieve that because it can be pretty scary when you start looking at dark colored products and figuring out how to make a smoky eye out of them. I love that Almay has it all wrapped up in the Intense i-Color Smoky-i Kit — you can't really mess that up.

I definitely have the Almay Smart Shade Butter Kiss Lipstick; that's one of Almay's newest products that I got my hands on it early, so I've been really excited to wear them, especially for spring. The pink and the berry colors are going to be so great for the season. I always have a pressed powder in my bag for when I get shiny, as many others do. I think that's it for things that are always with me, other than lipstick. I definitely have more than one shade in my purse, just in case, you never know.

On how American Idol has changed since her stint:

I feel like we hear more of the good people. I know it's always interesting when you get people that aren't so great, and the judges have to tell them that they're not great. I feel like they concentrate more on the people that have a shot at winning, so you can get invested in people earlier. I feel like the judges really tell them things that will benefit them in the future and tell them the things they need to work on and not just say, “That was awful!” It's more encouraging.

On who she’s rooting for at this year’s Grammy’s:

Oh Golly! I'm fortunate enough to be nominated for a couple, one by myself and one with my friend Miranda Lambert. So I'll be rooting for us for sure! I'm more excited to see what performances they'll come up with, to be honest. I feel like the Grammy awards always does a great job of having unique collaborations. I wish I could go, but I'll be on my couch in my pajamas and watching.

Images Courtesy of Almay and Carrie Underwood's Instagram