Carters in Paris: Jay and Bey are Having a French Affair


Now that their run has come to an end, have Jay Z and Beyoncé settled for grand Paris?

Just a few weeks ago, speculation rose over the Carters’ move west. They leased a Holmby Hills mansion after their stateside tour ended August 6, for a mere $200,000 a month. Then, the pair reportedly took a liking to a 23,000-square-foot cliffside Beverly Hills estate, ringing in at $85 million. Now, Page Six, that oh-so-credible source, insists Jay and Bey are bringing their brood to the City of Light.

They famously bid adieu to the On The Run Tour at the Stade de France on September 13, and have since paraded from the Musée Picasso and Eiffel Tower to the Parc des Princes with David Beckham and Notre Dame with Blue Ivy on the keys.Page Six says the couple made time to scout real estate near Élysée Palace in between their adventures, alluding to a more permanent residence there. 

Though fiercely loyal to their respective hometowns—Brooklyn and Houston, Texas—a move to France isn’t far off for the Carter clan. It is where they got engaged and conceived baby Blue, after all. As long as they send us proper notice for the move—our passports are ready.