Cartwheel Changes and Venue Debuts: Betsey Johnson and Trina Turk’s Fashion Week Plans


In the days leading up to Fashion Week, cancellations, date changes, and venue movements are to be expected. With a week full of shows, presentations and parties, it's exceptionally exciting to hear about premiere moments and opportunities for both new and well-known designers.

As with everything, it's important to find the silver lining in life. Though Betsey Johnson had a tough year with her bankruptcy, she's set to return to the tents, in a very different way. Her PR reached out with the comment that even though the industry won't see her iconic designs on the runway, Johnson will still have a presence. “After a very successful SS13, Betsey will be taking the FW13 season off to focus on her brand expansion, which includes a breadth of new initiatives such as a dress launch, a new fragrance and a reality show. However, do not worry. Betsey may not be strutting her stuff down the runway in the tents this season, but she will be cartwheeling through Lincoln Center at an event for her new reality series, The Betsey and Lulu Show.”

It's a brave new word for Trina Turk. Though she's an established name in the industry, she's making her debut at Lincoln Center this year! Turk will showcase her collection at the Box on February 10th from 2:30-3:30.