Cassey Ho’s Fabulously Fit Summer Slim Down Tips


Ideally, we wish Cassey Ho would just be our personal morning wakeup call, boosting us out of bed with a nutritious breakfast and a private class of her POP Pilates© workout to start our day with. But while we can't have the internationally renowned fitness instructor and Blogilates founder all to ourselves, having all of Ho's tricks and tips at our disposal in her latest book, Hot Body Year-Round, is pretty much the next best thing. While the specifics surrounding achieving your happiest, healthiest body yet are in this must-have bestseller, here are Ho's fundamentals to serve as the foundation of your summer slim down plan.

1. Always carry a water bottle with you at all times to stay hydrated! Drinking enough water is essential for keeping you from being bloated, it fuels your workouts, plus it is essential for keeping your intestinal tracts moving! Try to drink around 2-3 liters a day or until your urine is nearly clear.

2. Find a workout that you actually look forward to. If you're dreading your next workout, then that is not the workout you should be doing. Your exercise regimen should challenge you, but it should also be something you jump out of bed wanting to do everyday. If it doesn't bring you happiness, you're less likely to stick to it – meaning you're less likely to lose those pounds.

3. Replace your refined carbs with veggies! This will cut out excessive calories from your diet plus add in a bunch of vitamins and minerals to keep you glowing. For example, instead of having a burger with regular buns, have a burger wrapped in lettuce!

4. Write down everything you eat in a Fit Journal. By recording your food, you will be more conscious of how much you're eating. When you become mindful, then you begin to understand when you're hungry vs. when you're craving. Recording food is a big help for many people looking to lose weight.