Catching up With the Amsale Girls

Few purchases are more important to women then their bridal gowns, which is why the hunt for the perfect dress becomes an exhilarating and emotional process. Few people understand the hunt more than the sales associates who run the country's best bridal boutiques. We were therefor thrilled to learn that famed designer AmsaleAberra and her well heeled consultants would be getting their own television show.Amsale Girls, which premiers Sunday, June 12 at 10pm on WE tv , gives a behind-the-scenes look at the going's on at Amsale's chic NYC boutique.

Last night we were invited to Amsale's Madison Avenue salon for exotic bellinis, canapes, and a special screening of the show. Amidst the flowing lace, tulle, and embellished satin, we caught up with the lovely designer to get her insight and advice.

Glam: What's your biggest piece of advice for bride's looking for that perfect dress?
I don't want to even believe there is a perfect dress, that's part of people's stress. What is a perfect dress? To me a wedding dress needs to fit the bride's personality. They need to feel comfortable. When people are confident, they're happy, they walk around at ease and to me that's alot more important. Always think what do you wear in ready to wear? What do you wear in evening wear? And translate it. That's what it's all about.

Glam: What other factors should brides consider?
The setting! When we're at a party and we're dressed inappropriately we feel uncomfortable. It's your wedding, you set the tone. Is it formal? Is it informal? Go with that.

Glam: Oscar de la Renta suggests brides shop for a gown without their moms to avoid stress, do you agree?
Amsale: I love Oscar de la Renta, I respect him alot, but I do need to disagree with him slightly. I think of a wedding as a tradition. It's not a fashion statement, it's not about one dress. It's so incredibly important to shop with your mother, but talk about the dress at home! The mother should understand what her daughter wants.

Glam: What are the biggest trends in bridal?
Amsale: We've definitely been seeing lots of tulle because it's airy and very feminine. But to me talking about trends worries me. Don't be too trendy! It may turn to a fad and you may decide you're over it before you get married. I want people to follow what's happening in bridal and ready to wear but don't focus too much on the trends. You want to look at your pictures 10-20 years from now and still be happy about it.