Catherine Naundorf Captures Couture


We’re used to seeing picture-perfect campaign images with gorgeous models looking flawless in frocks by whatever designer they’re endorsing. But in a departure from today’s “brutal” interpretation of fashion, Cathleen Naundorf reminds us of the artistic nature of haute couture. The photographer recently staged a one-night-only exhibition in Paris of her glamorous couture images. The approximately 15-shot collection was the product of a one-week photo session in 2012 at Valentino Garavanti’s 17th-century castle in Wideville. Garavanti granted Naundorf access to his private rooms and archives to photograph some of the oldest and most exquisite Valentino pieces ever made.

The large-format Polaroids feature whimsical backdrops and have a “painterly” quality. The beauty of the shots lies, perhaps, in the fact that Naundorf doesn’t alter them. “We don’t change the color or make an arm longer. It is what it is. We live in this perfect digital world, but I want my work to look human and have a soul,” she said. The exhibition will travel to Hamiltons Gallery in London next year.

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