Catt Sadler Thinks Meryl Streep is Otherworldly


We’ve often wondered if reporters who cover bold names play favorites on the red carpet. Catt Sadler—while she enjoys everyone that she has the chance to interview as an E! News correspondent—definitely confirmed this notion for us at Ford’s Pursuit of a Happy Commute panel.

She is always is appreciative for the chance to speak with Meryl Streep!

“I have some tried and true celebrities that I love and they’re a little different than want you might expect at E! but I love Meryl Streep,” Sadler told GLAM. “She’s one of my favorite actresses of all time. I have had the pleasure of interviewing her a couple of times. I love to sit down and speak with her because when you do, you feel like you’re in the presence of an otherworldly human being. She is so gifted, smart, talented and amazing.”

All together now: awwwww!