Celebrity Facts: 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Claire Danes



We sometimes confuse her with her Homeland persona, but there’s much more to Claire Danes than we think. From her rise as the angsty — yet astute — Angela Chase on My So-Called Life through her first Emmy win for her turn as animal advocate Temple Grandin to becoming Showtime's stunner, there's no denial that Danes has talent. While she likes to keep her personal life private, there were a slew of interesting facts to be found through her tenure in the movie business from child actress to leading lady. Here are 13 facts about the star that you didn't know:

1. The only fashion campaign she’s ever participated in was a fall 2008 Gucci jewelry campaign.

2. Claire enjoys embroidery between takes during shoots for Homeland, most recently crafting baby gifts for co-star Morena Baccarin.

3. Speaking of Morena and Claire, the ladies were actually classmates at the New York City Lab School for Collaborative Studies, where both honed their craft.

4. But school wasn’t without its own drama, Danes and Baccarin were bullied by the same girl during their time there, but both won’t name names as she’s also a working actress.

5. For her recent Vogue cover, the star chatted with Elizabeth Rubin at Nolita’s Café Gitane, a favorite of Danes and other actors like Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

6. If you’re ever walking around the Meatpacking District, be sure to stop by ones of Danes’ favorite shoe spots, Iris.

7. Danes loves to travel, and during the Cannes premiere of Terminator 3, she and then-boyfriend Ben Lee took on a mini road trip in Provence and developed a big taste for foie gras. She even jaunted around the Mediterranean after tying the knot with Hugh Dancy.

8. As convincingly as she plays the bipolar agent, Danes prepped for the role by watching YouTube video diaries of people who are bipolar to better understand their symptoms.

9. While we’ve seen Carrie Mathison’s classic interior style, back before she met her hubby (and little Cyrus came along), she developed a style known as “kindergarten sophisticate” that included memorable pieces like a teddy bear arm chair, a swing, and a trampoline.

10. She still keeps up her interior-inspired moniker thanks to the slew of crafts she has at parties, which includes crafting tree decorations for the holidays and painting eggs during Easter. Even Dancy joins in on the fun, photographing the prettiest eggs for posterity.

11. If it wasn’t for Clueless, Claire wouldn’t have had her breakthrough on My So-Called Life. Alicia Silverstone was initially up for the role of Angela Chase, but producer Marshall Herskovitz wanted someone who could better articulate a conflicted teenager uncertain of herself.

12. While Carrie and Angela both have sisters, it turns out that Claire actually has a brother named Asa, who works as an attorney.

13. Thanks to her portrayal of the CIA agent, she not only has fans at Langley, but in the White House, too! She met President Obama at this year’s Correspondence Dinner, as well as former President Bill Clinton at the 2013 Emmy’s.