Celebrity Facts: 13 Things You Didn’t Know About Kate Moss


Kate Moss is quite possibly the most recognizable face in the world, all thanks to her hundreds of magazine covers, countless campaigns, celebrity status, and undeniable power of attraction. While the supermodel generally tends to stay quite mum when it comes to interviews, endless facts have been unearthed during her time in the spotlight. Regardless, here are 13 facts about the beauty we bet you didn't know!

1. Her lips are her favorite part of her face and her shoulders are her favorite part of her body. Not sure about you, but if we were reincarnated as Moss, we're pretty sure it would be impossible to choose, given the fact that she's kind of perfect.

2. Though she's most quoted as saying, “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” she profoundly said, “And the more visible they make me, the more invisible I become,” in her first book, Kate.

3. Many would expect a supermodel to collect something like expensive handbags or lust-worthy shoes, but Moss opts to indulge in cars, both old and new. She's owned a Mercedes 250SL Pagoda, Mercedes C class, Range Rover Vogue, Mini Cooper, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, and MG Midget MK.

4. Her parties are quite legendary. In the past, her birthday party included a The Beautiful and the Damned theme while her wedding took on a Great Gatsby feel.

5. As part of the interview for her cover of the 60th anniversary issue of Playboy, Moss met with singer Sir Tom Jones at China Tang in London, a regular haunt for her, to chat about the Q&A portion of the feature. While the restaurant is remiss to spill the details on what Moss orders, their signature dish, which is much loved by the bold faced names that frequent the restaurant, is peking duck.

6. The supermodel is affected by strabismus, which basically means her eyes look in two different directions. She's in good company however; Marilyn Monroe and Brigitte Bardot also suffered from it.

7. Should you ever have the chance to invite Moss, to dinner, make her a Sunday roast, as it's her favorite meal. Or if you're meeting her for dinner and the restaurant is your choice, offer up the suggestion of Hereford Road; it's right by her house and they serve the aforementioned Sunday roast.

8. Moss has a host of tattoos, including an anchor on her wrist which is the most commonly seen. However, it's the two swallows on her back which are the most famous. After naming Lucien Freud as someone she'd love to meet, she actually had the chance. He shared the fact that while he was in the navy, he used to tattoo his fellow officers. Quickly this turned into Freud taking a needle and ink to Moss' back to tattoo two small swallows on the small of her back, which are priced at $1.6 million dollars. Should one want to replicate the tattoos by a regular tattoo artist, it would be drastically cheaper – a minimum of around $100 for a sitting plus the studio's hourly fee.

9. Her 1920s vintage engagement ring, which was modeled after Zelda Fitzgerald's, was reportedly bought by the supermodel herself. Since Jamie Hince couldn't afford it at the time, the ring was purchased from Bond Street jewelers S.J.Phillips, a store she frequents, and paid for out of her own checkbook. Girl power?

10. The supermodel has not one, but two siblings who've put their stake in the modeling world as well. Her younger half sister, Charlotte, worked with Storm Management on test shots, while Moss' brother Nick worked for Levi's once. Her other half brother, however, has yet to taste the fruits of the modeling world.

11. She's regularly name-dropped in songs. While lyrics written by her former ex, Pete Doherty, and current husband Hince are quite obvious, she also earned a line in Lily Allen's Everything's Just Wonderful, and Thanks for the Ether by Rasputina while adding her own vocals to songs including Primal Screams' Some Velvet Morning and The Lemonhead's You're a Dirty Robot.

12. Her hometown of Croydon is well known for producing some top talent. In addition to the supermodel, Croydon also created Sir Philip Green, Dave Prowsethe actor who played Darth Vader, and the writer of Sherlock Holmes, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

13. Though she's worth $70 million, she charges a cool $397,000 for a half an hour to DJ an event.