Celebrity Makeup Artist Says: 8 Beauty Tips From Troy Surratt


troy surratt.jpg

In part, Troy Surratt credits Adele for helping create the point perfecting eyeliner in his recently launched makeup collection, a Japanese-inspired line available at Barneys New York.

“I was working on it when Adele was doing press for her album 21,” explains Surratt, who along with having created looks for the British songstress has also painted the faces of Charlize Theron, Adrianna Lima, Jennifer Lopez, and LeAnn Rimes. “So I tried a zillion variations of that liner on her.”

The final result was a long-lasting product that went on seamlessly over eye shadow and is easy to apply. Having launched his career working alongside famed makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin, Surratt knows what makeup tips and tricks to stand by, as shown in his patient perfecting of an outstanding eyeliner he could be proud of. Here’s what else he had to say about looking your best.

1. Exfoliation is key. It eliminates dead skin and makes a much better canvas for makeup.

2. Curl your lashes. This will change the angle of the lash so they automatically look longer even before mascara.

3. Apply winged eyeliner in three steps. Start with the outer tick with the point up towards your eyebrow. Make sure they’re even and clean up with a Q-tip if necessary. Next, line the inner tear duct. Lastly, connect the two lines over the iris of the eye.

4. Less is more right now when it comes to eye shadow. Something gleaming on the lids using one or two colors and then having your lips to be the star of the face is the hottest look for the season.

5. Use bronzer to brighten the face and the teeth. Bronzer should be swept on the areas of the face where the sun would naturally hit you. Don’t forget your ear lobes—white ears and a sun kissed face will look silly.

6. If eyes are the windows to the soul, eyebrows frame those windows. Therefore, they are of utmost importance. Keep your brows thick but neat with the help of filler and pomade.

7. After perfecting your complexion with concealer and foundation, do your contouring and blush. This will lend balance to your bare face and help you do your next steps—eyes and then lips.

8. Every woman should have a red lipstick in her makeup bag. It’s the easiest way to change and polish your look. Classic blue reds brighten the teeth. Orange reds are hot right now, but they can make teeth look yellow so do an at home bleach before.