Celebs Flood Chicago for the Lollapalooza Music Festival

A star-studded crowd blew into the Windy City this past weekend as Lollapalooza showcased some of our favorite musicians and let them party before and after they hit the stage. And the Hard Rock Hotel seemed to be where it all went down. The ck one color Music Lounge, It’s So Miami Oasis, and ck one presents Rock the Vote Nights events attracted tons of celebrities who came out to show support as well as musicians who stopped by before strutting their stuff on stage.

The vibrant Jenny McCarthy hit up the ck one color Music Lounge to get a touch-up with ck one color cosmetics and talked about her young sons and taking up yoga. Pop singer DEV made stopped by the ck one color Music Lounge before making her first appearance at the music festival and revealed that she would be spending more time in the studio after Lollapalooza to work on a few collaborations for her new album that she had to keep under wraps.

Fashion Police correspondent Kelly Osborne attended the Rock the Vote Nights event at the Hard Rock Hotel Chicago with her new beau Matthew Mosshart who snuck kisses whenever he could as the pair sipped Belvedere cocktails and took goofy pictures. Josh Henderson also enjoyed the Hard Rock Scene where he sipped Disaronno cocktails and challenged fans to a game of ping pong. Singers Michelle Williams and Ryan Cabrera both made their way to the Hard Rock events, where they greeted each other with excitement and a huge hug. She was spotted getting a very sparkly leopard-print temporary tattoo at the Clearasil “Rock Your Skin” Lounge while he checked out SOUL by Ludacris headphones.

At the It’s So Miami Oasis, Henderson picked up goodies from the Clearasil “Rock Your Skin” Lounge and shades from GUESS. B.o.B. caught up with some childhood friends at the It’s So Miami Oasis lounge, while actor Zach Gilford was spotted nearby with his fiancé Kiele Sanchez. Josh Hopkins enjoyed the festivities, too, and revealed that he sings and plays guitar himself, though he didn’t exactly make his way to the Lolla stage. He and Aaron Paul picked up phones from Motorola Mobility after they enjoyed dancing on the field. American Idol contestant Haley Reinhart got in on the Lollapalooza action by stopping by the It’s So Miami Oasis to pick up some techy Blue Microphones goodies.

While there was no shortage of refreshments and giveaways at the Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago, the real reason all these celebs gathered was to kick back and rock out with some of the best artists on the scene. Chicago certainly swept us up this weekend – not with its wind, but with Lollapalooza’s parties galore and endless amounts of fresh music.