Chanel Around the World


Karl Lagerfeldhas definitely got the whole world in his hands and Tuesday afternoon he brought that notion to life. Each season the designer uses a unique centerpiece to convey his message and for Fall 2013 an international sensibility filled the Grand Palais. For his Fall 2013 collection, a large globe complete with illuminated pins in areas where Chanel has a boutique set the stage. It was a fitting focal point for the brand, which continues to take its shows on the road to various countries; Chanel has shown its resort collections in Miami, Los Angeles, Saint-Tropez, Versailles, Cannes and Venice, Italy. As the consummate explorer, Lagerfeld's inspiration has come from all over map and this set served as a reminder that the luxury consumer is changing.

The Chanel show is always one of the most buzzed about in Paris and while the clothes and crowd are a draw, it's the setting that delights. Over the years Lagerfeld has greeted guests with everything from icy igloos and minerals to gilded lions and whimsical carousels and we can't even begin to imagine what he'll think of next.

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