Chanel: Fall Haute Couture 2013


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Designer: Karl Lagerfeld

Inspiration: Chanel pushed the envelope with a post-apocalyptic theme as Lagerfeld turned the Grand Palais into a scene of rubble and squalor to look like the aftermath of a disaster. Even models' hair and makeup were done in an ultra-futuristic, space martian style with contoured cheekbones, exaggerated eyebrows, and rectangularly structured up-dos.

Trends: Classic Chanel gets skyrocketed to infinity and beyond with extraterrestrial inspired ensembles for Fall 2013. The design house's classic tweed and feminine fashion still plays a dominant role in the collection, but silhouettes and accessories get a futuristic flair this time around. Sparkling and patterned gowns with geometric cuts and avante-garde detailing are contrasted with space suit type belts, slung low around models' waists like a utility belt fit for the future. Shifts with boucle jackets and blazer and pencil skirt pairings boast a sense of apocalyptic deconstruction with meticulously structured layering and piece pairing. Each of these looks is finished off with a pair of protective suede thigh-highs extending from the models' boots, fit for a stylish race facing potential catastrophe at any turn.

Colors: Dusty grey, silver metallic, bronze, sparkling midnight blue, charcoal, chocolate brown, olive green, navy, black, beige.

Who Was There: Kristen Stewart, Rihanna, Vanessa Paradis, RoseByrne,Milla Jovovich.