Chanel Hits the Rodeo


Chanel is taking its show on the road!

Today French fashion house opened its very first 1,850-square-foot pop-up shop in Aspen, Colorado. The shop, properly known as an ephemeral boutique, will focus on the pre-fall Mètiers d'Art Paris-Dallas collection.

“It all came together when we were in Dallas with Karl,” Barbara Cirkva, Chanel's president of their fashion division told Women's Wear Daily. “Obviously, you can never repeat what had been done in Dallas because it was so special but we thought, 'We have to do something with this incredibly creative unique collection,’ and thinking about places where it would resonate, Aspen popped to mind.”

Just like Chanel's return to Dallas reflected the history of the brand, choosing to open their first pop-up in Aspen wasn't random. In 1994, the brand opened a store in the location, one of the first luxury brands to do so. “We hadn't had a unit there in years”—the shop has since closed—“and thought, “Wouldn’t it be just perfect for the Aspen customer? It’s chic, it’s really special because it’s a Mètiers collection, yet there is a casualness to it that is so appropriate for Aspen.”

“We decided that we would like to try it here,” Cirkva said. “It will be a fun experience and very special experience to get to know Chanel in a different environment. People don’t expect it from us.”

“We don’t want to be predicable,” she continued. “It’s just really about the adventure.”

… and a rodeo sounds like a great adventure to us. The pop-up shop will remain open until July 6 at Casa Tua eatery and private club in Aspen, Colorado.