Chanel Lines the Shelves for Fall 2014


“Tweed Bubble” soda, #CCertified condiments, and quilted bags packaged for freshness aren’t the average stock at your local Whole Foods (though we wish they were). But Karl Lagerfeld just made food shopping that much more chic for Fall 2014.

Playing off of the Kaiser’s vibrant palette, Sam McKnight combined the texture of Chanel’s one night in Dallas with a colorful pop from the produce aisle. He first crimped the hair from root to tip with help from a blend of Fudge Salt Spray and Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray before slicking the hair back and braiding bits of tweed, lace, and more into the tail. Sorry hair tie, looks like you’ve just been replaced!

The eyes had it once again as the makeup team layered silver shadows pulled from the hardware of the accessories an customized shopping baskets under vivid liners in hues pulled from the collection, including pink, orange, green, and teal. They balanced the look with a fresh face, bold brows, and a natural but moisturized lip.

While the collection is meant for fall, there’s no reason why you can’t rock electric liner now to pump up your spring ensembles!