Chatting With the Stars of Bad Teachers

Bad Teacher is a hilarious, inappropriate, and absolutely disgusting movie. I highly suggest you go see it… Here are a few of my favorite quotes taken from the stars of the film at the New York City junket.

“The dry humping scene will go down in history. Justin and I wanted to create the least sexy sex scene ever put on film.” – Cameron Diaz.

“I also had a teacher who always had food in his teeth, and it was terrifying that he was going to come talk to you in close proximity. It was amazing how much stuff he had in his teeth.” – Cameron Diaz

“We had a scene that was my worst scene to shoot. I was so annoyed and happy that it didn’t make the movie. I was trying to convince Cameron’s character that she doesn’t need a boob job and I’m talking about my ideal man, and she’s so hung-over that she ends up throwing up all over me. And she did it so many times. And she was holding creamy soup in her mouth. The smell was so unpleasant. Cameron was amazing about it. I was gagging — it was making me feel sick. It was so unpleasant.” – Lucy Punch

“There should be a website where Cameron pukes on [Lucy Punch’s] boobs. Is that web a site we should start?” – Thomas Lennon

“Cameron likes to make breakfast — this weird breakfast. It’s oatmeal with egg whites. And I was like ‘If Cameron is eating that, I want some.’” – Cameron Diaz

“Cameron got me a neti pot. I was ‘If this is what Cameron does, I’ll so it. Is this the secret to being fabulous?’ You put warm water and salt in it and you put it up your nose and it’s supposed to come out the opposite side.” – Lucy Punch

“The movie is really super inappropriate. That’s the fun of it — how nobody learns anything. Nobody means well. People are dicks and at one point [Cameron Diaz] washes a car.” – Thomas Lennon

“That dry humping scene — to see two international sex symbols looking the least sexy they’ve ever looked. Justin has no vanity, and he went for it. That’s what makes the scene so funny. He really did it straight and that’s why it works so well.” – Lucy Punch

When I read the script, the way Amy, my character, is twiggy and perky, the first person I thought of was Sarah Palin. Like, if Sarah Palin had a little cousin who was an elementary school teacher. So I threw in a few winks and ‘you bet ya’s’ … Not to say that Sarah Palin is deranged or unhinged. I’m talking about her energy.” – Lucy Punch

“There’s a smoking scene in the film. I’ve never had a cigarette in my mouth. Cameron was giving me clues on how not to choke to death. Jason was on the sideline saying ‘don’t tell her that.’ They let the cameras role and I kept doing it over and over.” – Phyllis Smith

“There’s no such thing as a blooper with me because every seconds a blooper.” – Thomas Lennon.